Website made in WebWave

The website launch checklist is a tool that helps to ensure that your website is ready to launch and meets the requirements outlined by you and your customers. Here is a checklist prepared specifically for pages created in the WebWave website builder. 


 Do you have a prepared list of keywords for your website?

 Do the content and headings contain keywords?

 Does each subpage have a unique meta title?

 Does each subpage have a unique meta description?

 Does each subpage have H1, H2, H3 headings?

 Have the images been optimized (reduced in size and optimized using

 Does each image have a unique description and alternate text?

 Ensure spelling and grammar consistency

 Have you used subtitles and bolding for important content?

 Do you use a language of benefits?

 Is the website user-friendly?

 Do the links in the menu work correctly?

 Do links to social media link correctly?

 Does the logo link to the homepage?

 Do the buttons work correctly (highlighting, redirects)?

 Is it easy to find the contact/phone number on the website?

 Does the phone number contain an active "call to ..." button, or is the number correct?

 Does the location map point to the correct address?

 Does the contact form work correctly (make a test)?

 Does the website have a favicon?

 Is there a 404 error page?

 Does the page have a thumbnail image?

 Do responsive versions of the site work correctly?

 Have you tested the site on different devices?

 Have you tested the site on different browsers?

 Does the site load quickly?

Does the site contain a privacy policy and information about cookies?

 Make sure that the language versions of your site are correctly labelled and translated.


With WebWave, you don't have to worry about the sitemap and backup, they are created automatically for each site. Once the website is published, you can add analytics tools such as Google Analytics to track traffic to your site and learn about visitor preferences.


If you build your own website with WebWave you don't have to worry about: updates plugins, set timezone, change theme, change server settings, activate ssl, update software, backup and much more... 


WebWave website launch checklist (pdf)
17 February 2023