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My name is Joanna Lewandowska, I am a freelance web designer and expert in WebWave since 2014. I love to design modern and user-friendly websites. 

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Websites created are fast and optimized for google search engine

Your site will always be safe! No more worrying about your website. Backups are created automatically. 

Your new website will be low maintenance.

You don't have to do any software updates or install additional plugins.

 All sites created are fully responsive and are compatible on all devices. Every website has PWA  (Progressive Web App) version.

You will have CMS access, and you be able to edit your site yourself. I include video tutorials for every website of my customers.

I will make a modern, effective website for your business. You will receive a comprehensive website with domain and mailbox.

What I do? 

  • Build professional websites in WebWave
  • Advanced e-commerce or simple online store
  • Provide tech support for your Page build in WebWave
  • Help you with responsive versions of your website in WebWave
  • Help you find ad-dons compatible with WebWave
  • Provide recorded tutorials for your benefit
  • Personalised training in WebWave


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